~ chimney rock park ~

The Chimney Rock Access, located in Rutherford County, is owned by the state of North Carolina and operated through a concession contract. Fees are charged in this area to support the large amount of infrastructure needed to support accessing Chimney Rock Mountain.

The Friends of Chimney Rock State Park have supported this access through fund raising events, educational programming, and volunteer work days. The number one priority for the Friends is to assist in re-opening the Skyline Trail back to the top of Hickory Nut Falls.


NCPARKS ~ Chimney Rock Park


Great Woodland Adventure Trail

Length: 0.60 miles One-way

Difficulty: Easy

A child-friendly interpretive trail, the Great Woodland Adventure teaches hikers about the animal residents of Chimney Rock State Park through interactive sculptures and displays.


Outcroppings Trail

Point of Interest: Vista Rock, Grotto, Subway, Pulpit Rock, Chimney Rock

Length: 0.40 miles Round Trip

For those wishing to climb to the top of Chimney Rock itself, the Outcroppings Trail offers a series of staircases and lookout points threaded through a near-vertical boulder field.


Hickory Nut Falls Trail

Point of Interest: Hickory Nut Falls

Length: 1.40 miles Round Trip

Difficulty: Moderate

Leading to the base of the fantastic 404-foot tall waterfall, the gently sloping trail hugs the side of Hickory Nut Gorge and grants dramatic views of the towering cliffs above.

Skyline Trail

Length: 1.10 miles One-way

Difficulty: Moderate

Blaze: Blue Diamonds

The Skyline Trail starts at Exclamation Point and guides visitors even higher in elevation to Peregrine Point at 2,640 feet. After gazing across and into scenic Hickory Nut Gorge, visitors can continue their woodland hike to Falls Creek, which begins its 404-foot plunge as Hickory Nut Falls near the trail's end.

Point of Interest: Peregrine Point, Hickory Nut Falls

Exclamation Point Trail

Length: 0.60 miles Round Trip

Difficulty: Strenuous

Accessing the top of Hickory Nut Gorge, the Exclamation Point Trail connects zigzagging paths with staircases to bring hikers to the edge of Exclamation Point at 2,480 feet.

Point of Interest: Opera Box, Devil's Head, Exclamation Point

Four Seasons Trail

Length: 1.40 miles Round Trip

Difficulty: Strenuous

A steady tromp through the hardwood forest and past picturesque boulders gives hikers many opportunities to view the natural flora and fauna of the park.